Did you know your protein requirement doubles during treatment and that eating enough protein can help protect your blood counts? Would you like to know which nutrients sensitize cancer cells to the killing effects of chemotherapy? If you knew that most chemotherapy drugs deplete a nutrient essential to energy production, wouldn't you want to replenish this nutrient so you'd experience less fatigue? Do you know which supplements are contraindicated with your treatment? What about antioxidants? Does published research prove they interfere? Let us teach you how to maximize your cancer therapy with nourishing foods, nutrients, herbs, and lifestyle strategies that complement your medical care.

This program includes:

Report Of Translational Research-Summarizes the most compelling nutrition research on optimizing your diet and nutrition to complement your cancer treatment, and draws powerful, actionable conclusions that we'll help you put into practice.

Reference List-Your report is evidence-based and includes citations to research published in peer-reviewed scientific and medical journals, so you can feel confident about your nutrition plan.

Chemo Information Sheet (if needed)-These information sheets teach you about your treatment, including how it works, how it's metabolized in the body, and common side effects. Research about food, nutrients or herbs that may interfere with or complement the effects of your treatment are outlined here.

Treatment Side Effects Booklet-Offers nutritional and herbal strategies to support your health and well-being during treatment. It's organized by side effect so you can quickly find your way to feeling better.

Access to our Hotline Hour (Mon-Thurs), so you can get immediate support for any side effects you may be experiencing, without waiting for an appointment.

Worksheets-Innovative tools to help you build your nutrition plan, track and understand your blood work, and identify drug-nutrient interactions.

Our online Handbook Of Dietary Supplements, an exclusive collection of supplements carefully selected on the basis of published evidence, verified quality, and efficacy for our clients. This electronic booklet provides information on potential side effects, interactions, contraindications, and lists professional quality products with guaranteed purity and potency, as well as reputable over-the-counter brands.

A Protocol Design Session (90 minute consultation by phone or Skype)-to help you evaluate your needs, define your wellness goals, develop a supplement plan, tailor your nutrition protocol to your unique needs, and answer any questions.

Price: $625


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