Rick Shapiro
"Jeanne Wallace, Ph.D., is a veritable cornucopia of unrivaled knowledge regarding the irrefutable power of Nutritional Protocols, to support the immune system, and in making the human-body inhospitable to cancer. She is a national & international treasure in her specialty, and is renowned by the most respected cancer specialists anywhere, as a true intellect and source of great knowledge. Her deep translational research, and highly-successful work with challenging patient's cancer issues, over many years, combine to create evidence-based wisdom that has helped thousands of people beat cancer, around the world, even when dealing with stage 4 and terminal cancer challenges. Personally, I know of many patients who are thriving many-many years after receiving terminal prognoses, who credit their unexpected and wonderful outcomes to Jeanne Wallace, and her customized, science-based approach. Her well-conceived programs, including her Radiation Support program, which I have reviewed, should bring great supportive-benefit to anyone who will receive radiation treatments. Her recommendations and conclusions are based on actual studies, clinical research, patient experience, and Jeanne's keen-uncanny ability to synthesis complicated information into rational programs, that patients can readily assimilate and follow. Personally, If I was diagnosed with cancer, one of my very first phone calls would be to Jeanne's office, to seek counsel from one of her team members, and/or to purchase her programs to help me through the often-challenging process of dealing with harsh cancer therapies. Finally, in my opinion, the wisdom and counsel offered by Jeanne Wallace and her team, is unparalleled in the world of nutritional and supplementation oncology.

Bottom line: Whether you are facing Radiation Therapy, or any cancer-fighting therapy, or any type of cancer, or stage of cancer, you should seriously consider contacting the folks at Nutritional Solutions to optimize your prospects of a successful outcome. It is imperative, in my opinion, that they should be considered an integral member of "the team," to support your immune system, to fight cancer, and to bring about the best possible results!

-Rick Shapiro
Author, Hope Never Dies, and Cancer Coach
Henry Dreher

"In her outstanding work, Jeanne Wallace exemplifies the wise translation of nutritional research into clinical treatments for cancer patients. Based on hard science, her nutrition protocols, which work together with conventional therapies, represent the best of complementary medicine for cancer. Dr. Wallace has documented the remarkable benefits to her clients, who also benefit from her compassionate care."

- Henry Dreher
author of The Immune Power Personality
and coauthor of Healing Mind, Healthy Woman


"I have been battling Stage IV primary peritoneal cancer for over 3 1/2 years. I've had the pleasure of dealing with Dr. Wallace the past 1 1/2 years, at least once a month. I'm doing much better than my doctors imagined. I enthusiastically recommend that cancer patients or their caregivers gain the incredibly valuable assistance of Dr. Wallace.

"I have consulted with dozens of experts across the country, including oncologists from the top rated cancer institutions, naturopathic doctors, master herbalists, nutritionists, cancer researchers and authors. Dr. Wallace is the one I trust most to maximize the quality and quantity of my life. I have the highest confidence in her wisdom, judgement, and vast knowledge to design a cancer-fighting diet and supplement plan that complements my traditional therapies.

"She keeps up with the latest scientific research to inhibit cancer growth, helps me get the most from chemotherapy, minimize side effects, and strengthen me when I am not on chemo. (Many people find it hard to believe that I have had over 30 chemo treatments, across 5 drugs, yet still lead a very active life at 72 years, including golfing.)

"Dr. Wallace remembers my condition and protocol like I was her only client, yet leverages learning from other clients and cancer experts. She explains everything in terms I easily understand. My protocol is customized to meet my needs, capabilities, and beliefs. Friendliness and efficient professionalism permeate everyone on her staff-my needs are always met quickly and competently."

- Betty, Palm Beach, FL
Peritoneal Cancer, Stage IV, diagnosed 1/00


"I am healing from stage 4 ovarian cancer, metastasized to the pleura of the left lung. I have been in remission twice, the longest for 18 months. I have taken supplements since the onset of cancer in 2000 and I cannot imagine getting through the rigors of chemotherapy without them. I have tolerated the side effects well, being able to carry on with almost all of my normal activities, and have missed no scheduled treatments due to unsatisfactory blood counts.

"When I compare myself to others in my support group, I think I look better and stronger. The first thing out of my mouth every day is "Thank God," followed by the first thing into my mouth, my daily supplements. The staff at Nutritional Solutions are competent, friendly and compassionate: talking to them is always a pleasure. I would recommend anyone diagnosed with my type of cancer to include Dr. Wallace as an integral part of their treatment package for overall nutritional health."

- Roberta, Saratoga, CA
Ovarian Cancer, Stage IV, diagnosed 4/00


"In July 1999, I was diagnosed with adenoid cystic carcinoma of the left submandibular salivary gland. After a complete resection of the tumor, I underwent neutron radiation for microscopic residual disease. At every stage of my treatment, medical professionals commented on my quick healing and low level of side effects.

"Neutron radiation is over 2.6 times more powerful than standard radiation and therefore the side effects are severe. I did not have a single mouth sore and was able to continue to eat throughout the month-long treatment. I attribute this considerable lessening of side effects to the protocol prescribed by Dr. Wallace. She helped me be a cancer survivor, not another statistic."

- Alison, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Saliva (Parotid Gland) Head-and-Neck Cancer, Stage II, diagnosed 7/99

Margaret Jackson, TN

"After being diagnosed with stage III-c Ovarian cancer in April 1999 (and previously having had breast cancer), I knew I had to make a change in order to survive the cancer. I wanted to find someone who could advise me about supplements and help me with my nutritional habits.

"Through the grace of God, I found Dr. Wallace. She has provided me a dietary and nutritional protocol of which my medical doctors approve. Not only has her nutritional advice been rewarding, her attitude is always so positive and enlightening. My quality of life has improved greatly and I have exceeded the expectations of my doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Wallace to all my cancer friends."

- Margaret Jackson, TN
Ovarian Cancer, Stage III-C, diagnosed 4/99

Sandra Blank

"I was diagnosed with stage IIB ovarian cancer in 2001. This is my second bout with cancer. In 1990, at the age of 38, I was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Knowing that ovarian cancer is difficult to treat with just the conventional methods of surgery and chemotherapy, I immediately realized that I would have to consider a more integrative treatment approach.

"I contacted Dr. Jeanne Wallace immediately after my diagnosis. She recommended a variety of supplements and dietary changes. Because of Dr. Wallace I became aware of integrative medicine approaches being used by oncologists in other areas of the country. A completely new horizon opened up for me.

"What is wonderful is that Dr. Wallace has limited her practice to cancer patients. By doing so, she has an understanding of supplement-drug interactions, this is crucial information for patients undergoing treatment. Also, the recommendations she makes are based on scientific research that is shared with the patient. This is extremely important for getting physicians to recognize the possible efficacy of using supplements as part of the treatment process."

- Sandra Blank
Executive Director,
Florida Breast Cancer Resource Network

Dennis Roth

"Dr. Wallace is an immeasurable source of knowledge and information. Being a cancer caregiver herself, she has great insight into what we are all facing. I have been impressed by her intelligence, her knowledge of foods, nutrients and herbs, and her positive attitude."

- Dennis Roth
Father of a son with GRM Brain Tumor

Ralph Moss, PhD

"Jeanne Wallace, PhD, has done pioneering work in the nutritional approach to cancer, particularly brain cancer. I have been very impressed by the results and have recommended her to many of our clients. They have been uniformly pleased."

- Ralph Moss, PhD
director of www.CancerDecisions.com

Dr. Andrew Freinkel, MD

"Dr. Wallace is one of the most prominent practitioners of clinical nutritional oncology. She may be the nation's single most knowledgeable clinician in the area of treating patients with brain tumors with nutritional interventions."

- Dr. Andrew Freinkel, MD
Stanford University Hosptial

Julia Schopick

"Whenever I hear of a person who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor, the very first referral I make is to Dr. Jeanne Wallace. Her breadth and depth of knowledge of all of the best treatments - nutritional, traditional and investigational - coupled with her commitment to sharing that knowledge with her clients, make her the #1 practitioner in the area of brain tumors. While it was our neurosurgeon's skill that saved my husband's life 10 years ago, it is Dr. Wallace who gave him back his health."

- Julia Schopick
wife of Timothy Fisher,survivor of an Astrocytoma III since Oct. 1990

Keith I. Block, MD, Medical Director

"Jeanne Wallace is among a small handful of gifted practitioners who has succeeded in synthesizing the complex and wide volume of available research in the field of integrative care. Her work with brain cancer deserves further attention from the research community."

- Keith I. Block, MD, Medical Director
Block Center for Integrative Cancer Care,
Editor-In-Chief, Integrative Cancer Therapies

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