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MICHELLE GERENCSER, MS, is a highly skilled cancer nutrition consultant with particular expertise in blood cancer nutrition and nutritional immunology. She has enjoyed working in the field of complementary cancer nutrition since 2002, consulting hundreds of adult and pediatric clients all over the country and internationally. Michelle has worked closely with integrative and conventional doctors, including those at major cancer centers, to provide the most safe, comprehensive, personalized nutrition support to individuals undergoing standard treatment and clinical trials. Especially appreciated by clients and health professionals alike is her proficiency in assessing clinically relevant drug-supplement interactions.

Michelle received her Master of Science in holistic nutrition from Clayton College of Natural Health. With educational underpinnings in biochemical engineering, she is intensely analytical and brings a unique point of view to clinical nutrition. Michelle has done extensive secondary research and development of nutritional approaches for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, complementing cancer treatments including stem cell transplant, and epigenetics of myelodysplastic syndrome and large granular lymphocytic leukemia.

Michelle's technical prowess comes across softly through her compassionate and optimistic outlook. She regards each case as a complex system of variables and is adept at gently orienting each client to his or her particular system. Relating individual characteristics to voluminous cancer nutrition research and delicious foods, she empowers cancer patients to nutritionally leverage their body environment against the cancer process. Along with seeing the chemicals, genes and systems at play, Michelle values the privilege of witnessing the courage, wisdom, and tenderness in the eyes and voices of those who call on her.

In her own words...

"I like to really get to know a person. I take them into my heart on a social and emotional level, and I also think of them on a biochemical level and a genetic level; I think about the conversation going on in their immune system, and I try to infuse all of that into our work together. Holistic nutrition really comes alive when you can overlay onto it the dynamics of cytokine interactions, genetic expression, and mechanisms of the disease process. Teaching people how to see their own body environment interplaying with the cancer process and the effects of treatment sets them up to take precise and powerful action with nutrition."



Client Comments:

"Michelle Gerencser is not only extremely knowledgeable but also caring and kind and a pleasure to deal with...I have to say that I love having Michelle as my nutritionist. She is an important part of the team that is helping me on my path to wellness."

-Client with ER+ Breast Cancer

"Michelle - Once again, a thousand thank you's for our wonderful conversation today. You have exceeded your amazing reputation. We have a great new plan to start implementing to provide the best care for our father."

-Daughters of client with Brain Tumor

"Michelle, thank you so much...Your information was so helpful...You're the best! - An anchor when we are starting to drift!"

- Wife of client with Brain Tumor

"I want to say that I enjoy our conversations. I feel like you are my most reliable partner and I have found that reliable, caring people in the cancer field are very hard to find unfortunately. It is so hard living with this disease hanging over our heads but what really compounds the problem is finding people with an open mind. I wish there was just 1,000 more services such as what your team provides. Maybe in the future."

-Husband of client with Brain Tumor

"Dear Michelle, Once again, (my son) and I would like to thank you for your thoughtful, in depth guidance of (my son's) supplemental program. We both felt very encouraged by your advice and information concerning his recovery from the problems of this past month. We have only spoken to you several times, now, but like all your clients probably, we feel such a strong bond between us. Your peaceful spirit is palpable and healing, always. (My son), seems so much better, just having spent an hour with you. Myself also. Know that we can't help but feel like you're family to us, somehow, and pray for you as such. We pray whatever your needs, that they may be resolved and that you will continue in strength and health. I have never met anyone who has been such a sensitive listener. Endless thanks..."

-Mother and adult son with Brain Tumor

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