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With Dr. Wallace's pioneering translational research and the personal guidance of Michelle Gerencser, MS, you will:

    • Maximize your cancer therapy with nourishing foods, nutrients and herbs to enhance the efficacy of your treatments, while safely reducing their side effects
    • Harness the ONCOMETABOLIC ADVANTAGE-Dr. Wallace's cutting-edge, scientifically-based program to foster an anti-cancer environment within your body. Learn how wholesome foods, dietary supplements and simple lifestyle changes can:
      • Talk to your genes with specific foods that have been shown to suppress the expression of cancer genes and increase tumor suppressor genes
      • Curb inflammation, a known contributor to tumor growth and invasion
      • Thwart angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels that "feed" a tumor
      • Target insulin resistance, a hidden underlying factor scientifically linked to prognosis, survival, and treatment outcome
      • Provide the necessary nutritional co-factors that prompt cancer cells to mature into healthy cells (a process called differentiation) or to undergo a natural cell "suicide" (apoptosis)
      • Boost the competence of your immune system
    • Utilize a panel of laboratory testing to:
      • Assess the strengths and weaknesses of your diet
      • Individually tailor your protocol based on your body's unique biochemistry
      • Prioritize your nutritional goals so you know which areas are most important
      • Monitor the efficacy of your nutrition protocol (with follow-up testing)
    • Learn appropriate dosing, how and when to take your supplements, and recommendations for superior quality products with proven track records
    • Use our innovative Drug Interaction Worksheet so you have a team working collaboratively to help you avoid potentially harmful drug-nutrient and drug-herb interactions
    • Have confidence in your nutrition protocol because it is based on published scientific research (references included in your report) and tailored to your individual needs.

Let us EMPOWER you with effective, evidence-based strategies, INSPIRE you to make changes that will nourish your health and GUIDE you on your healing journey.

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